Spice up

with electronic devices

Life is hard sometimes, you may need an electronic device that fits you to make your life colorful.

For example, a pair of wireless earphones that bring you the sound of nature make you stay in good mood.  
And, the warm light that shines from a lamp provides you with cozy atmosphere.

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Why do customers choose Fitcolor?

By working with Fitcolor, you would find the difference on experience, which is exclusive, impressive and cozy.                    

We love our work

At Fitcolor, we enjoy the process of work that creates more value for customers, our company and ourselves, which makes us passionate about what we do.  

We are professional and reliable

With more than 10 years of experience, we could meet the various requirements in terms of special design, better quality, more reasonable price, shorter lead time etc from customers. 
And over the last decade, we have built long term win-win business relationships with our customers, we are not only a partner, but a friend, we are trust-worthy. 

We help our customers grow better

It is for sure the happy moment for us whenever our customers tell us that their businesses are growing because of our help.
Because we truly understand that we will succeed only if our customers succeed.

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[table lamp]    [night light]    [smart lock]     [wireless microphone]
[wireless charger]    [wall charger]


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